The CCEFP is dedicated to meeting the technology and workforce development needs of the U.S. fluid power industry.  By combining the financial and volunteer contributions of many companies and individuals in a concerted efforts, the Center creates the resources, partners, and opportunities needed to tackle industry’s greatest challenges.  To do this, companies partner with CCEFP as a Research Consortium Collaborator.

Through this support and engagement, companies can:

  • Stay abreast of new developments in fluid power technology
  • Access leading researchers and facilities to help solve technical challenges
  • Interact with and recruit fluid power knowledgeable students with systems engineering experience
  • Gain competitive insights by networking with customers, suppliers and competitors
  • Focus Center-funded research on industry needs
  • Ensure fluid power visibility at a national level
  • Participate in government-funded initiatives


The new CCEFP Research Consortium Collaboration Agreement (in effect July 1, 2018) and supporting materials are provided below:

CCEFP’s Standard Operating Procedures can be found here.