Having an impact and making a difference.  The “numbers” of the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) provide a powerful summary of the impact the Center is having on both fluid power research and education.  The information below is drawn from data compiled for the final CCEFP Annual Report to the National Science Foundation that was published in April 2016.

CCEFP By-The-Numbers (download)

CCEFP People and Program Participants
  Faculty and Research Staff 58
  Post-Docs 12
  Doctoral Students 121
  Masters Students 150
  Undergraduate Students 750
  Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program 198
  Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) Program 54
  Fluid Power Scholars Internship Program (since ’10) 68


Impact on workforce
   Percentage of CCEFP alumni are working in a fluid power company, in a fluid power position, or for a user of fluid power 66%
   Percentage of CCEFP alumni who remain in academia 26%
   Percentage of CCEFP alumni conducting other work (military, national research laboratories, other industry, etc.) 8%


Inventions and Patents
   Inventions disclosed 586
   Patent applications filed 44
   Patents awarded 7
   Licenses issued 6
   Technical standards impacted 11
   Number of start-ups or spin-offs XX


Influence on Courses, Curriculum, and Outreach
  New courses with fluid power content 24
  Offerings of courses modified to include fluid power content 177
  New degree minors or emphases in fluid power 3
  Free-standing or e-learning modules 18
  Workshops, short-courses, webinars 373
  Innovation-focused workshops, short-courses, webinars 329
  Outreach to K-12, general public, or academica 181


Papers and Articles
  Articles in peer reviewed journals 146
  Papers delivered at major conferences 353
  Articles in trade press and in trade association newsletters 100