16MO3: Four-Quadrant Multi-Fluid Pump/Motor

Project Leader: John Lumkes, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Institution: Purdue University

This project will develop a high efficiency mechanically-controlled four-quadrant pump/motor capable of pumping oil, water, and corrosive fluids. This research investigates a high efficiency mechanically controlled four‐quadrant pump/motor whose losses scale with displacement. The pump/motor maintains high efficiency at low displacements relative to currently available units, the displacement can be controlled using simple mechanical motion and low forces, multiple fluids can be used (depends on piston sealing gap configuration), and the mechanically based fluid control system is adaptable to radial, in‐line, and axial pump/motor configurations. Results will be presented for a proof‐of‐concept 3‐piston inline pump using a mechanical cam profile to vary displacement.

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The award period for this CCEFP research project ended June 30, 2018.  For results, impacts, and future opportunities, please contact the project leader.