DOE TIR Program

The DOE Technologist in Residence (TIR) Program pairs senior technical staff from national laboratories and manufacturing companies to work together towards long-term strategic collaborative partnerships and impactful manufacturing solutions. The vision of the TIR Program is to catalyze strong national laboratory-industry relationships that result in significant growth in high-impact research and development. More than a one company-one lab partnership, industry will gain insight and build relationships across the national laboratory system, developing streamlined methods for establishing long-term relationships that result in collaborative research and development.

  • October 2018:  Argonne National Lab submits a proposed TIR partnership with CCEFP and 13 of its industry supporters.  (Redacted proposal). The goal of the proposal is to identify key areas of need in the fluid power industry, share the unique capabilities of the National Labs with industry collaborators, and establish strategic partnerships for innovation between the National Labs and individual fluid power companies.
  • July 2019:  The proposal is awarded; discussions and collaborations are underway.
  • October 2019:  The TIR Program Kickoff is scheduled during the CCEFP Summit at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • Late 2019 – 2020:
    • Focused webinars:  National Lab Capabilities on various topics (vehicle, component, fluids and materials).
    • One-on-one lab/industry discussions, brainstorming, statements of work, and collaboration agreements.