CCEFP Resources is designed to serve the faculty, student, and staff participants of the CCEFP.

The CCEFP desires to know faculty, research staff, graduate students, undergraduate students and any other personnel that are involved in CCEFP-funded work, or non-CCEFP funded work.  “Involvement” is defined as “any paid or unpaid” research, associated research (projects not funded by CCEFP), education, outreach, technology transfer, REUs or internships, or other activity related to the core strategy of the CCEFP.

CCEFP is a mechanism to highlight all fluid power research initiatives through webinars, communications, events, and social media.  These methods provide visibility of research efforts aligned with our national CCEFP Research StrategyThe CCEFP is working to create additional fluid power federal funding opportunities for all U.S. researchers.  The CCEFP will continue to serve as a resource for connecting faculty and students to the decision makers and practitioners in the fluid power industry. It is critical to report the breadth of fluid power related research underway to support these efforts.

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We want to know who is in the fluid power research community, both funded by CCEFP and funded by other sources. 

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