Webinar Series

photo of people listening to presentation, advertisement for CCEFP webinar seriesThe CCEFP Webinar Series is a monthly forum highlighting research research, workforce and special topic presentations.

CCEFP and/or NFPA industry and academic supporters must register for the webinar series by using this link. Recordings are provided by request and with presenter permission only – please contact ccefp@umn.edu.

2023 CCEFP Webinar Series
Wednesdays at 12:00 PM Central (1:00PM Eastern)


Date Presentation 1 Funding Presentation 2 Funding
 An Analysis of Hydraulic Rod Seal Stick‐Slip Mechanical and Sound Vibrations Michael, MSOE  Chevron Molecular dynamic simulations and the critical shear rate of hydraulic fluids – Pawan Panwar, MSOE
02/15/2023 Fully electric powered, hydraulic assisted, compact track loader – Perry Li, UMN  DOE  —  —
03/15/2023 Simulation and design of externally actuated digital pumps – Farid Breidi, Purdue  Purdue Development and….- Farid Breidi, Purdue  NSF
04/11-13/2023  SPRING SUMMIT
5/17/2023  Trelleborg  Sealing and Material Considerations for Hydrogen Applications
6/14/2023 Mixed reality… – Jose Garcia Bravo, Purdue  MAHA Endowment  Chassis dynamometer for assessing off-highway vehicle power train performance – Brian Steward, Iowa State  Danfoss/IA State
07/19/2023 Optimization and Evaluation of Energy Savings for Connected and Autonomous Off-Road Vehicles – Zongxuan Sun, UMN  DOE
08/16/2022  TBD
09/20/2023 University Advancement in Electric Machines: Torque enhancement via multi-harmonics, magnetic gearing, bearingless motors – Eric Severson, UMN
11/15/2023  Challenging Estimation Problems in Vehicle Autonomy – Rajesh Rajamani, UMN
3/20/2024 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis – an overview of DMA methods, modes and Master Curves – Tony Perugini, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions