Webinar Series

photo of people listening to presentation, advertisement for CCEFP webinar seriesThe CCEFP Webinar Series is a monthly forum highlighting research research, workforce and special topic presentations.

CCEFP and/or NFPA industry and academic supporters must register for the webinar series by using this link. Recordings are provided by request and with presenter permission only – please contact ccefp@umn.edu.

2020-2021 CCEFP Webinar Series
Wednesdays at 1:00 PM Eastern, 12:00 PM Central


Date Presentation 1 Funding Presentation 2 Funding
01/19/2022 3D printing high performance, yet flexible, polyurethanes — Guest: Cora Liebig
02/16/2022 Undergraduate Fluid Power Instructional Lab — Neil Garcia/Mike Leinberger, Stelson Lab  UMN Temperature Dependent Viscosity Influence on Pump and Motor Efficiency — Justin Chen, Stelson Lab UMN
03/16/2022 AI-aided lubricating interface modeling technology for hydrostatic pumps and motors — Lizhi Shang, Purdue University NFPA  Mechanically Actuated Radial Piston Digital Pump/Motor Utilizing Variable Cams — Farid Breidi, Purdue University  CCEFP
04/20/2022  Optimization and Evaluation of Energy Savings for Connected and Autonomous Off-Road Vehicles — Zongxuan Sun, UMN  DOE
5/18/2022  Fluid Dynamics – Title TBD — Sayan Biswas, UMN DOE
06/2022  SPRING SUMMIT  —
07/20/2022 Hybrid Hydraulic-Electric Architecture for Mobile Machines — Perry Li, UMN  DOE
08/17/2022 Multi-Stroke Variable Displacement Oscillating Pump for Hydrokinetic Energy — Jim Van de Ven, UMN NFPA Short-term Energy Storage System for High Power Hybrid Hydrostatic Transmissions — Kim Stelson, UMN CCEFP
09/21/2022 PFI-TT: High Performance, Highly Efficient Valves for Controlling Gas Flows — Tom Chase, UMN  Partial Stroke Piston Pressurization Hydraulic Pumps — Tom Chase, UMN
10/6-10/7/2021 Off-Highway Vehicle Chassis Dyno Laboratory Development and Hydraulic Dyno Development — Brian Steward, Iowa State University NFPA Polymer-Enhanced Fluid Effects on Dynamic Response of Hydraulic Pumps — Paul Michael, MSOE CCEFP