Webinar Series

photo of people listening to presentation, advertisement for CCEFP webinar seriesThe CCEFP Webinar Series is a monthly forum highlighting research research, workforce and special topic presentations.

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2018-2019 CCEFP Webinar Series
Wednesdays at 1:00 PM Eastern, 12:00 PM Central

Date Presentation 1 Funding Presentation 2 Funding
9/26/2018 Polymer-Enhanced Fluid Effects on Mechanical Efficiency of Hydraulic Pumps. PIs: Paul Michael (MSOE) & Ashlie Martini (UCA-Merced) CCEFP & NFPA Seamless Electric to Hydraulic Conversion. PIs: Jim Van de Ven (UMN) & Eric Severson (UWM) CCEFP & NFPA
10/17/2018 CCEFP Summit at University of Minnesota
11/14/2018 High Efficiency Hydraulic Pump-Motors Employing Partial Stroke Piston Pressurization. PI: Tom Chase (UMN) NSF & NFPA Liquid Piston Gas Compressor/Expander for Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) and CO2 Sequestration. PI: Perry Li (UMN) NSF & NFPA
1/23/2019 State of the CCEFP Address by Director Professor Zongxuan Sun, University of Minnesota
2/20/2019 Science of Pattern Coating onto Heterogeneous Surfaces Using a Hybrid Tool. PI: Tequila Harris (GaTech) NSF & NFPA Modeling and Optimization of Trajectory-Based HCCI Combustion. PI: Zongxuan Sun (UMN) NSF & NFPA
3/27/2019 Understanding the Transient Nature of Wind Turbine Response to Create Advanced Controls to Improve the Efficiency of a Hydraulic Drivetrain Wind Turbine. PI: Kim Stelson (UMN). NSF & NFPA Invited Guest Presentation
4/24/2019 Efficient, Compact, and Smooth Variable Propulsion Motor. PI: Jim Van de Ven (UMN) DOE & NFPA Individual Electro-Hydraulic Drives for Off-Road Vehicles. PI: Andrea Vacca (Purdue) DOE & NFPA
5/22/2019 Tentative: Efficient, Integrated, Freeform Flexible Hydraulic Actuators. PI: Mark Nagurka (Marquette) CCEFP Invited Guest Presentation
6/4-6/2019 CCEFP Summit
6/19/2019 State of the CCEFP Address by Director Professor Zongxuan Sun, University of Minnesota