Industry Relations: The CCEFP connects the various stakeholders in the fluid power supply chain — OEMs, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors with academic researchers through networking activities and events. Engaged industry representatives network with academic faculty and students.

Academic Relations: CCEFP cultivates relationships with academic researchers through networking activities, dissemination opportunities, campaigns to answer federal research solicitations, and government advocacy.



  • Industry Engagement Committee
    • The IEC serves as the governance board of the CCEFP.  The committee helps to define key strategies and initiatives for the Center.
  • Webinars
    • Regular monthly webinars presented by faculty, students, and guest presenters of fluid power research initiatives and special topics for CCEFP industry members and academic partners.
  • Summits
    • Summits are networking events for industry supporters, university faculty and student researchers, to learn and discuss the progress and results of fluid power research and innovation.  Summits are held twice a year at partner universities.
  • Workshops
    • Technology-focused workshops to discuss fluid power directions for its industry members and academic partners.  Outcomes of these workshops include industry-directed research project ideas and topics, formation of research teams, campaigns to answer broad federal requests.
  • Engagement Programs
    • At CCEFP events, structured engagement programs for industry and students are provided such as speed meetings, poster sessions, and commercialization pitches.