Making a difference–that’s what the CCEFP is all about. You can make a difference, too–as an academic member of the strategic research team, as a corporate sponsor through the The Pascal Society, as an industry partner in sponsored research, participation in workforce development initiatives, or as an attendee at any of the CCEFP’s premier technical events — Fluid Power Innovation & Research Conference and Industry & University Engagement Summits.

Levels of Involvement

Faculty and Students
“Involvement” is defined as “any paid or unpaid” research, education, outreach, technology transfer, personnel exchange, or other activity related to the core strategy of the CCEFP and NFPA, including associated projects that are not directly funded by either organization, but are affiliated with the work and influence of the CCEFP’s research strategy to transform how fluid power is researched, applied and taught.

Industry Supporters

The Pascal Society is the annual giving society of the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation, dedicated to meeting the technology and workforce development needs of the U.S. fluid power industry.

Named after Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, physicist and inventor whose famous law describes fluid power’s force multiplier effect, the Pascal Society seeks to create a similar multiplier effect for the fluid power industry. By combining the financial and volunteer contributions of many individuals into one concerted effort, the Society will develop the resources, tools and people needed to tackle this difficult challenge.

A current list of Pascal Society Members is available here.

Education Partners

CCEFP, by nature of the partnership with NFPA, works with a growing number of schools, educators, and students across the country. Through these Education Partnerships, interested parties can stay informed about all the news and events that NFPA and CCEFP offers, including research/education grants and employment opportunities in the fluid power industry. These partnerships are open to any and all faculty, researchers, academic professionals, and students that are involved or interested in fluid power. For a detailed list of Education Partner benefits, click here.

NFPA intends to launch online communities where Education Partners and NFPA members can easily interact and share information. Until that time, we will keep our Education Partners involved and informed through email communications. If you would like to become part of this growing community, click here to enroll.

At least one Education Partner has been identified at each of these schools.