CCEFP On-Boarding Form

The CCEFP desires to know faculty, research staff, graduate students, undergraduate students and any other edit your paper personnel that are involved in CCEFP-funded work, or non-CCEFP funded work.  “Involvement” is defined as “any paid or unpaid” research, associated research (projects not funded by CCEFP), education, outreach, technology transfer, REUs or internships, or other activity related to the core strategy of the CCEFP.  At the conclusion of your time with the CCEFP, please complete the Off-Boarding Form.  Many thanks!

“Involvement” is defined as “any paid or unpaid” research, education, outreach, technology transfer, personnel exchange, or other activity related to the core strategy of the CCEFP, including associated projects that are not funded by CCEFP, but resulted due to CCEFP’s Core Strategy to transform how fluid power is researched, applied and taught. We collect this data for annual reporting purposes.  Your personal gun violence in america essay information will be held confidentially and is reported in aggregated form.

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If applicable, degree in Progress (i.e. BS Mech. Eng.)


Check all programs or projects you are associated with: Fluid Power Research (CCEFP Funded)
Fluid Power Research (Non-CCEFP Funded)
Additive Manufactured Excavator Project
Fluid Power Capstone Design Project
Fluid Power Innovation & Research Conference FPIRC
Research Experiences for Undergrads (REU)
Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

If Fluid Power Research (CCEFP Funded), please list the title of your research project (as it is posted on CCEFP.ORG).


If Fluid Power Research (Non-CCEFP Funded), please share the funding agency or organization, the title of the research project and the PI name and affiliation.


If other, please describe


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Race American Indian or Alaskan Native
Black or African American
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If not a U.S. Citizen, please note country of citizenship.


Thank you for completing CCEFP’s on-boarding form.  Subsequently, you will be added to CCEFP and NFPA mailing lists and will receive an invitation to enroll in the CCEFP’s project database:  CCEFP.NET.  This is the portal by which we capture all data relevent to the research and education mission of the CCEFP.  We thank you for your time.