Mission, Vision, and Strategy

CCEFP Strategic Research Plan (updated December 2019)

CCEFP’s mission is to change the way that fluid power is researched, applied and taught. To achieve this mission, the Center focuses its research in areas that will solve existing industry challenges or create new opportunities for fluid power or both. The CCEFP’s education and outreach program is designed to transfer this knowledge to diverse audiences including students of all ages, users of fluid power and the general public.

CCEFP’s original vision was to “make fluid power compact, efficient and effective”. Although these remain important research goals and have been the Center’s three research thrusts since its inception, the vision statement has changed. In 2014, the Center’s vision became “make fluid power the technology of choice for power generation, transmission, storage, and motion control”. We believe that the new vision better describes the compelling future state desired while the original vision statement describes means for achieving the future state. Improvements in manufacturing processes affect all three thrusts and are critical to achieving our vision. Focusing the Center’s research on the desired compelling future state forms the basis for transformational change in the fluid power industry. Educating the next generation of leaders, partnering with industry and improving existing applications are critical methods to achieving the goals of the CCEFP.

The Center has established a number of goals to help realize its vision:

  1. Double fluid power efficiency in current applications and in new transportation applications.
  2. Increase fluid power energy storage density by an order of magnitude.
  3. Develop new miniature fluid power components and systems including power supplies that are one to two orders of magnitude smaller than anything currently available.
  4. Make fluid power ubiquitous – meaning broadly used in many applications and environments. This requires fluid power that is clean, quiet, safe and easy to use.
  5. Improve the manufacturing (quality, cost and delivery) of fluid power components and systems so that they become the technology of choice for both existing and new markets.

CCEFP Strategic Research Plan (updated December 2019)