Fluid Power in University Education

Fluid Power in University Courses, Curriculum and Capstones

In collaboration with the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA), effort is underway to design and create replicable university-level curriculum modules to be candidates for inclusion in core engineering courses across the United States.  Other initiatives include a high-quality low-cost test stand for university-level teaching laboratory settings.  Lastly, all accredited undergraduate engineering degree programs have a capstone design experience where fourth-year students work in teams for one or two semesters on a practical design project. The goal is to identify ways to encourage fluid power companies to sponsor and actively engage with students in capstone design projects with fluid power content.

The NFPA Curriculum Grants Program fulfills this mission, in part, by soliciting proposals which answer the call to engage undergraduates, to educate new faculty instructors, and to provide fluid power content to engineering degree programs across the country.