Fluid Power Challenge

The CCEFP is supportive of the NFPA Fluid Power Challenge — a skills based competition for eighth grade students. The program challenges students to solve a real life engineering problems using hydraulics and pneumatics.

The event includes a Workshop Day where teams come together to learn about fluid power, build a pneumatic lifter and receive their challenge kits. Teams then take their kits, including tools and supplies, back to school to work on the challenge problem, develop a portfolio, and then build a prototype.

On the Challenge Day, teams return with their tools to build their fluid power mechanisms, and then compete in a timed competition. The teams of four students, ideally 2 girls and 2 boys, will need to attend both days.

CCEFP partner institutions have traditionally been host to four NFPA Fluid Power Challenge events each year.  As CCEFP shifts focus to undergraduate and graduate level education, complete administration of the NFPA Fluid Power Challenge will be headquartered at the National Fluid Power Association.

More information can be found at the NFPA Foundation.