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Portable Fluid Power Demonstrator

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An Overview

The Portable Fluid Power Demonstrator (PFPD) and associated curriculum are designed to give middle and high school students and teachers an opportunity to investigate and expand their knowledge regarding fluid power. Developed through the CCEFP at Purdue University by Jose M. Garcia and Prof. John H. Lumkes, the PFPD should provide new opportunities for students to learn about the fundamentals of fluid power and its application in their world. Everything a teacher may need from purchasing and assembly manuals for the PFPD to extra resources students may need can be found here.

Guide to Menu Options

  • PFPD Assembly Manuals - these files contain a detailed parts list and assembly instructions of the PFPD v.1 and v.2.
  • Fluid Power Basics Lesson Plan - curriculum that introduces fluid power to students in grades 7-10; depending on needs, time on content could range from two to five days.
  • Electronics Basics Lesson Plan - this area focuses on the skills needed to construct and use the newest electronic version of the PFPD
  • Lab Activity Plan - detailed instructions on how to use the PFPD within the lesson; contains eight worksheets to be used in conjection with PFPD; basic classrooom tools/equipment are needed with some of these worksheets.
  • Fluid Power Crossword - an extra activity that contains both the puzzle and the answer key.
  • Task Cards - an activity to be used with the middle school lesson plans; instructions are included.
  • Resources - extra resources that allows students and teachers to expand their knowledge base of fluid power.